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Breach of quarantine rules – Howard Springs

29 October 2020

Police issued an infringement notice to a 57-year-old man who was not in his unit yesterday when meals were being served. The man was located nearby and was not wearing a mask; when questioned he allegedly became aggressive towards staff members.

In another incident yesterday, a 33-year-old woman received an infringement notice after allegedly attempting to scale a perimeter fence.

Incident Controller Shaun Gill said, “I continue to be frustrated by people who think they are above the rules.

“The Northern Territory has worked really hard to minimise the spread of COVID-19 here, this sort of behaviour puts everyone at risk.

“Police, Health and Welfare staff will continue to ensure that the quarantine facility is monitored and managed. Those who choose to blatantly transgress the rules may be issued with an infringement notice.  We need everyone to work together on this.”

The infringement penalty for failing to abide by the Chief Health Officer Directions issued under section 56 of the  Public and Environment Health Act 2011 is $5,056 for an individual and $25,280 for a business.

33,080 compliance checks have now been completed and 154 fines have been issued.