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International travel including New Zealand

Travel restrictions

There is a ban on Australians travelling overseas.

Find out more on the Smartraveller website.

There are significant restrictions on who can travel to Australia. There are also border controls in place for all arrivals to the Territory.

If you are an Australian citizen or permanent resident, you and your immediate family members can return to Australia.

Quarantine rules

All international arrivals will be placed into mandatory supervised quarantine provided by the government for 14 days at your own expense.*

You won't be able to transit to another location until you have completed your quarantine.

For more information visit the Australian Government's Home Affairs website.

At the airport

If you are unwell, airlines must refuse to let you fly. There will be extra screening of passengers at Australian airports to identify anyone who is unwell.

For more on screening and reporting of ill passengers, visit the Australian Government's Department of Agriculture website.

At overseas airports, Australian Border Force liaison officers will work with airlines to identify travellers who should not board.


If you are on an international flight and show signs of an infectious disease:

  • the airline must report you to biosecurity officers
  • biosecurity officers will assess you before you get off the plane
  • you may be isolated or referred to a hospital.

If you are unwell on a flight, you will be identified and referred for assessment when you arrive at your destination.

Australians travelling overseas

The Australian Government has banned overseas travel.

If you are currently overseas you should visit the Smartraveller website for advice.

Calculate your quarantine period

The quarantine period begins at the time of your arrival to the Territory (as confirmed on your border arrival form) and ends at midday on the 14th day after arrival. Day of arrival is counted as day zero.

For example: if you arrive in the NT at 2pm on 1 October, you are released from quarantine at midday on 15 October.

Quarantine example

Click on image for larger pdf version.

Enter the day you arrived or the day you last had exposure to someone who tested positive to coronavirus (COVID-19).

Quarantine release date

* Exemptions may apply under strict criteria.