NT COVID-19 hotline 1800 490 484
9 total active cases 282,453 total NT vaccinations (updated weekly) 80% first dose | 68% second dose (updated weekly)
NT COVID-19 hotline1800 490 484
8am to 4:30pm, seven days a week

What to include

You must provide the organisation’s name and a key contact person’s phone number and email address. The plan must demonstrate why the organisation’s work is critical to the NT and how employees will work, to minimise the risk of transmitting COVID-19 to Territorians and other workers.

Under a COVID-19 Management Plan workers coming from a hotspot must still complete 14 days of quarantine but will not be required to complete their quarantine in a mandatory supervised facility. They may only leave their alternative place of quarantine to attend their place of employment. All workers will be subject to random compliance checks.

Your organisation’s COVID-19 Management plan must address the following criteria:

  1. Travel and Accommodation.
    • How will workers travel to the NT from interstate, and travel within the NT from their point of entry to their place of accommodation and worksite?
    • What Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will workers wear (masks) during travel and physical distancing measures will be taken during travel?
    • If workers are required to travel more than an hour from the border crossing to their place of accommodation/worksite, what is their travel plan and the arrangements for food, fuel and bathroom stops?
    • What are the accommodation arrangements for workers? This includes: sleeping, kitchen and bathroom amenities.
    • How will food be delivered and meals taken during the 14 day quarantine period?
    • How will workers clean frequently touched surfaces and shared amenities?
  2. Physical distancing
    • Describe how your organisation will manage 1.5 m physical distancing of staff in:
      • Accommodation
      • While undertaking work duties
      • Kitchen/meal areas
      • Refuelling vehicles
    • What education and information is provided to workers?
    • How are hotspot/ international workers separated from NT and other workers? Eg hotspot/ international workers may wear a hi-vis armband/vest.
  3. Workplace hygiene
    • How does your organisation provide information to workers about good hygiene practices
    • What cleaning and sanitising products are provided to workers?
    • What are the cleaning protocols for:
      • high touch surfaces
      • shared areas
      • shared tools and equipment
      • refuelling and sharing company vehicles
      • building site/offices
    • When is PPE (masks and gloves) worn by workers?
    • What is your organisation’s protocol for waste/ rubbish disposal?
  4. Monitoring and Identifying COVID-19 Symptoms
    • What information and education is provided to workers?
    • How is the information about COVID-19 testing requirements provided to workers - all workers from hotspots are required to have a COVID-19 swab within 72 hours of travel, self-isolate after the swab until they travel and only travel if they have a negative result. Workers also require a test on or around day 3 and 12 of quarantine and a negative result prior to exiting quarantine.
    • All workers that provide support services to workers in quarantine, are required to follow the testing regime in the COVID-19 Policy for testing of quarantine workers.
    • Explain the arrangements you have in place for testing with a health provider or pandemic clinic.
    • What daily health screening is undertaken on workers?
    • What is your organisation’s plan to manage a person who shows signs of COVID-19 or becomes unwell? This should include a plan for:
      • isolating unwell workers
      • transporting workers to a health facility for testing
      • assessing for serious symptoms
      • notifying authorities