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Prepare a COVID-19 management plan

Organisations employing workers, who have been in a COVID-19 hotspot in the 14 days prior to arriving in the Northern Territory (NT), must complete an online COVID-19 Management Plan and have this approved. Workers, who have been in a COVID-19 hotspot and are not urgently required to undertake work in the NT must complete 14 days of mandatory supervised quarantine prior to commencing work.

See Google map with current hotspots

Workers who are not covered under an organisation’s COVID-19 Management Plan, and have been in a hotspot in the 14 days prior to arriving in the NT, need to apply to enter the NT and submit their own online COVID-19 Management Plan for approval prior to entry.

The types of organisations that may be eligible for exemption from supervised mandatory quarantine on the grounds they are governed by a COVID-19 Management Plan include:

  • Agricultural Industry Worker
  • Person providing services for transport or freight of goods
  • Workers under the Seasonal Worker Programme
  • Health Practitioners requested by the Chief Executive Officer
  • Some Airline staff (require individual or site specific COVID-19 Management Plans)

Steps to prepare a COVID-19 Management Plan

  1. What to include
  2. Application process
  3. Guide to write a COVID-19 Management Plan
  4. Testing and Border requirements

Frequently asked questions

  • A COVID-19 Management Plan is required when workers are coming from a hotspot and are required to complete critical or urgent work during their quarantine period.

    All workers coming from a hotspot must apply and be approved to enter the NT under their company’s approved COVID-19 Management Plan, and must quarantine according to the conditions in the approved plan.

  • Workers who have been in a hotspot in the 14 days prior to entering the NT, are required to submit an online.

    and provide the reference number for their organisation’s approved COVID-19 Management Plan (CHOE XXXX). This will automatically link the worker’s application to the business’ COVID-19 Management Plan.

  • Workers will receive an email from the Border Restrictions team to advise the outcome of their application, with a letter signed by Chief Health Officer or their delegate if their application is approved. The letter will allow a one-time entry to the NT and must be shown to the Authorised Officer at the border.

    Each time the worker enters the NT to work they will need to re-apply, if they have been in a hotspot in the 14 days prior to arriving.

  • If a worker is self- employed or is a subcontractor they are required to meet the same exemption criteria as the principal contractor and must provide their own COVID-19 Management Plan.

    The self-employed worker or subcontractor also requires a supporting letter or contract from the principal contractor as supporting evidence when they submit their COVID-19 Management Plan.

  • Everyone who crosses the NT border needs to complete an online Border Entry Form up to 7 days prior to travel.

    Anyone that has an approved exemption from mandatory supervised quarantine and is working under an approved COVID-19 Management Plan must be able to provide:

    • Valid letter of approval to quarantine according to a COVID-19 Management Plan
    • Proof of identity i.e. Driver’s license
    • Confirmation of a negative COVID-19 test undertaken with 72 hours prior to travel.
  • The Northern Territory Government has a team of authorised officers (Public Health Officers and NT Police) who are responsible for checking that companies and workers are complying with the conditions of quarantine as outlined in their COVID-19 Management Plan.

    Random compliance checks are undertaken by authorised officers to ensure compliance.

  • Compliance with the Chief Health Officer’s Directions is mandatory and it is an offence to not comply. Any breach of the quarantine conditions may result in an infringement notice, fine or court proceedings. Your approval may also be revoked and you may be directed to complete your quarantine in a mandatory supervised facility, at your own expense.

    Your company’s COVID-19 Management Plan may also be revoked.

  • If a worker leaves the NT and visits a hotspot in the 14 days before they arrive in the NT, they are required to submit a new application for an exemption under their company’s COVID-19 Management Plan. The new application will be assessed with consideration of their company’s approved COVID-19 Management Plan.

    If a worker has not been to a hotspot in the 14 days before they return, they do not need to quarantine.

  • The quarantine period starts when a person leaves a hotspot and ends at 12 noon on the 14th day. Day 1 of quarantine is the day after a person arrives in the NT. Example: If a person leaves a hotspot on the 1 November and arrives in the NT on the 5 November their quarantine will be complete at 12 noon on the 15 November.

    Click here to calculate the quarantine period

    A person in quarantine must complete a COVID-19 test on or around day 3 and day 12. They may leave quarantine at 12 noon on the 14th day if they have a negative result. When the quarantine period is complete the person is free to move around the community however, should continue to practice physical distancing, good personal hygiene and use a face mask (when physical distancing is not possible) to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

    They may leave quarantine to depart the NT before the 14 days are complete.

  • If an approved coronavirus (COVID-19) management plan requires changes, contact the Border Restrictions call centre on 1800 490 484 or email doh.exempt@nt.gov.au to discuss the changes required.

    If there are minimal changes required the approved plan may just need to be updated. Significant changes will require a new COVID-19 Management Plan. New or updated Plans will need to be submitted and approved by the Chief Health Officer or his delegate.

  • The Border Restrictions call centre on 1800 490 484 or email doh.exempt@nt.gov.au

  • How long is a COVID-19 Management Plan valid for

    An organisation’s COVID-19 Management Plan is valid for six months unless the Chief Health Officer’s Directions change and the Plan is revoked. The organisation will be notified if this happens.

    Workers who apply for an individual COVID-19 Management Plan may be granted a single entry or a longer period of time depending on the nature of their work.

    Who else in my organisation needs COVID-19 testing under the new Policy for testing of quarantine workers

    Any person who has contact with a person required to quarantine under the CHO Directions must submit to a COVID-19 testing regime. For example a person who transports a person to their place of quarantine must have a test on day 3, 7 and 12 after they perform that duty. A person who provides catering (food) for a person in quarantine must undergo a test every work day.

    Assess if employees should travel

    If organisations are employing workers from other states they are encouraged to visit that state’s health website to assess the level of risk the workers will pose to the NT community, and check the map for current hotspots. These websites provide up to date information on areas of increased risk and numbers of positive cases.

    See Google map with current hotspots

    More information

    To check on the progress of your application call 1800 490 484 ((Monday-Friday 8am-4.21pm) or email doh.exempt@nt.gov.au.