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Apply for exemption to quarantine

If you are arriving in the NT from a declared COVID-19 hotspot, you must complete 14 days of mandatory supervised quarantine unless you are eligible for exemption.

Under the Chief Health Officer’s (CHO) Direction there are certain people or classes of people that are exempt from quarantine.

Read more about who is eligible to apply for exemption to quarantine.

Even if you are a person that is considered exempt, you are still required to complete an application form to enter the NT.

Who must apply

The Chief Health Officer or authorised delegate can grant an exemption. There are a number of people granted exemptions by the Chief Health Officer, however they must still apply for that exemption to quarantine.

Other people that may be eligible for an exemption, include a person that:

  • is required for the proper functioning of the Territory or
  • may suffer an unusual, undeserved of disproportionate effect of being quarantined or
  • is governed by a COVID-19 management plan imposed by the employer to prevent the transmission of COVID-19 to the public.

For further advice please call the Border Restrictions Call Centre on 1800 490 484 or doh.exempt@nt.gov.au

How to apply

Fill the online application for exemption.

Organisations applying for exemption for their employees on the grounds they are governed by a COVID-19 management plan are to attach a copy of their plan to this email.

Your application will then be assessed on its merits by the Chief Health Officer or appropriate delegate.

The processing of applications can take up to 10 business days.

How you will be notified

You will receive a letter or email from the Chief Health Officer or authorised delegate advising you of the decision of your application.

More information

If you are seeking information on exemptions for quarantining call 1800 490 484.

8am – 5pm, 7 days