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NT COVID-19 hotline1800 490 484
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Quarantine facilities

There are two mandatory supervised quarantine facilities in the Northern Territory;

  • Centre for National Resilience in Howard Springs, Darwin
  • Alice Springs Quarantine Facility, Alice Springs

You are required to quarantine at the facility closest to your entry into the Northern Territory unless otherwise directed by the Chief Health Officer or their delegate. Returning Australians on the Commonwealth facilitated flights into the Northern Territory will undertake their quarantine at the Centre for National Resilience.

Face masks, physical distancing and room

Chief Health Officer Direction 52 of 2021 sets out what a person must do when in quarantine at the Centre for National Resilience and at Alice Springs Quarantine Facility.  This direction is law - every person in quarantine must do what the Direction says. If a person does not follow the Direction, the Northern Territory Police may issue an Infringement Notice with a financial penalty.

This Direction works to prevent transmission of COVID-19 between residents in quarantine thereby keeping all residents, all staff and our community safe. If COVID-19 is spread between residents because people do not following this Direction, affected residents will be required to remain in quarantine beyond 14 days.

A person in quarantine must;

  • stay in the person's allocated room, including on any veranda space allocated to the room, unless permitted by an authorised officer; and
  • when not in their room, or on their veranda, residents must take all reasonable measures to stay at least 1.5 metres away from any other person in the quarantine facility, except for the person's spouse, de facto partner, child or parent; and
  • wear a face mask when outside their room unless an authorised officer permits the person to remove the face mask; and
  • comply with any directions given by an authorised officer to avoid people congregating in a quarantine zone; and
  • must not leave the quarantine zone in which the person's allocated room is located unless the person is escorted by an authorised officer, except in an emergency.

You are not able to share or hand over physical objects to residents who are not your family members. COVID-19 lives on surfaces so you must not give items, toys, food, activities, or play games like cards with people outside your family.

Quarantine facility staff will remind you about wearing your mask, staying on your veranda and physically distancing through information in your resident booklet, by sending you sms reminder texts and verbally in person if we see you are not following the Direction.

COVID-19 Testing

All residents in quarantine, including all children are tested three times during their stay on day 1, 5 and 12. These tests are a nose and throat swabs.

If you do not undergo a test, you will be required to remain in quarantine a further 7 days at your own expense.


Quarantine facilities need to be a safe environment for all residents and staff. The following are not permitted in either quarantine facility;

  • Cooking equipment including, microwaves, electric fryers, rice cookers, induction cookers, sandwich presses, toasters, etc.
  • Alcohol, bags may be checked on arrival.
  • Toys or recreational items such as swimming pools (plastic or inflatable), scooters, skateboards, bikes, balls and roller blades. These will be stored until your exit.
  • Visitors.
  • Care packages, personal goods or meal deliveries.

Family rooms are not always available;

  • The Centre for National Resilience is primarily single room accommodation with no internal connecting doors. There are four rooms to a shared veranda space with mattresses and/or cots provided for small children. All rooms are king single beds and have ensuites.
  • The Alice Springs Quarantine Facility can accommodate families in shared rooms, based on room availability at the time.


Is available at both facilities however, speed and connectivity varies widely, depending on demand and location.


The following amenities relate to both facilities;

  • Bottled water is not provided, as tap water is safe for drinking in both facilities.
  • Limited tea, coffee, sugar and milk
  • Disposable cups and hot water jug
  • Free to air television
  • Air conditioning

Toiletries are not provided; please ensure you pack your own.

Both facilities operate ‘click and collect’ services for additional personal items you may require.

Please remember to pack your phone chargers as these are not provided by the facilities.


There are no cooking facilities in your room, three meals a day are provided through each facilities’ catering team. Vegetarian, vegan, Halal, medical dietary needs and food allergies to the best of ability are accommodated. When our regional location affects supplies, our team will work with you about meal options/alternatives.

Individual meal requests may not be available in the first 24 hours of your stay and once a special meal request has been made, it cannot be varied during your stay.

Staff delivering your meals will be in personal protective equipment and will leave your meal outside your room, knocking to alert it is there.

No meal delivery or delivery services (Uber eats/Deliveroo/MenuLog/Pizza etc.) are accepted at the gate nor will facilities staff purchase food on your behalf.

Facility staff

Please be mindful that our quarantine facilities are operated by dedicated staff from multiple Northern Territory Government agencies and contractors.

They are not responsible for your entry into quarantine but they are working to make you stay as comfortable as possible whilst making sure strict infection control rules and CHO Directions are followed.

It is expected that all interactions with staff remain courteous.