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G2G Now app

When you complete your border entry form, you will be sent a link to the G2G Now app. Use this link to register your details.

You can also download the app from the G2G Now app website.

Anyone over 16 years with a smartphone can download and use the app. It takes less than 2 minutes to set up an account.

About the app and why you need it

The Northern Territory has excluded communities in place by law to protect our most vulnerable people.

The G2G Now app is a tool that helps the Northern Territory Government monitor compliance of travellers and returning residents.

The app conducts remote, virtual in-app checks on movements within the Territory. The app uses facial verification technology and phone location data to ensure people are not entering excluded communities.

Ensuring people do not enter exclusions zones is a critical step in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

How it works and how to use it

The app sends check-in requests using randomised schedules.

Users receive a notification to check-in, they then have a 5-minute window to take a photo of themselves.

The app matches the image and location with the person's registered details to ensure location compliance.

The app records your location at every check-in request only to validate your current location, it does not track your location or movements at any other time.

Tips for using the app

  • Make sure you agree to the use of your camera, location services and push notifications which are required to use G2G Now. If you don’t, you won’t be able to use the app
  • Do not turn your phone on silent mode
  • If your photo not registering on the app, move to a location with good lighting and remove any hats, masks or sunglasses.
    Taking a photo for the G2G Now app

Exemptions to using G2G Now

You are not required to use the G2G Now app if you are one of the following:

  • An essential worker or resident travelling to an exclusion zone
  • A freight worker
  • A member of a Flight Crew
  • A child under 16
  • You are transiting through the NT and not leaving the airport
  • You do not own a mobile phone, or own a phone not capable of running G2G Now.

Instead you may be required to go into a manual compliance program to ensure you do not go into excluded communities within the first 14 days of your arrival.


For help with the app:

Frequently asked questions

  • Your departure date may be entered when you register for G2G Now. You will stop receiving compliance checks after you leave the NT.

  • Contact the Coronavirus hotline on 1800 490 484, they will confirm your entry and exit date and adjust your compliance period if required.

  • No, every time you enter the NT you are required to complete a border entry form and register for a new compliance period.

  • No the same app is used each compliance event but you will need to register.

  • G2G Now is a quarantine compliance app that has been modified for the Northern Territory to monitor entry to an exclusion zone.

  • Contact the Coronavirus hotline on 1800 490 484, they will confirm your entry and exit date through your border arrival form and adjust your compliance period if required.

  • We understand that people do not always have their phone on them. If you miss your check-in window (five minutes), you will be sent a second check-in request shortly after the first one. If you miss this second request, the application will prompt you to give a reason. Public Health Compliance Officers will then determine if any further action is required.  Actions considered may include follow-up calls or a physical compliance check.

  • If you miss your five minute check-in window, the application will prompt you to provide a reason. If this occurs multiple times, or you do not provide a valid reason, Public Health Compliance Officers or Police may assess your compliance with the exclusion zone direction given to you. If Police or Compliance Officers determine you have committed an offence under the Public and Environmental Health Act 2011 (the Act) by not complying with a Chief Health Officer Direction which may result in the issuing of a $5024 fine.

  • Repair your phone as usual and advise the Coronavirus hotline on 1800 490 484.

  • No. Each person aged 16 years of age subject to exclusion zone arrangements will need to use their own phone, linked to their G2G Now account.

  • No, the G2G Now application does not use Bluetooth.

  • The G2G Now application records your location at every check-in request to ensure that you are at not in an exclusion zone. It does not track your location or movements at any other time.

  • The G2G Now application sends check-in requests on randomised schedules and also gives authorities the ability to individualise people’s check-in requirements.

    It is not unusual for people to receive check-in requests at different times of the day or to receive more check-in requests than other people.

  • No, the G2G Now application uses very little data.

  • Contact the Coronavirus hotline on 1800 490 484.

  • Addresses can be registered differently in the G2G Now app.

    Try different combinations: U 123, U123, Unit 123 and Unit123

    If you are unable to register the correct unit contact the Coronavirus hotline on 1800 490 484.

  • The security of your data is very important to us. We have worked closely with the developer of G2G Now to ensure that processes and protocols are in place to manage your data consistently with proper industry standards and practices.

    Data is stored using cloud infrastructure residing in Australia and is encrypted at all times.

    You should ensure that you read all the information that is provided in relation to the way in which the application works to ensure that you are comfortable with using the application.

  • The information that is collected through the G2G Now application is collected for the purposes of monitoring exclusion zone arrangements only. It is not collected for any other purpose.

    The information will be stored and used only as permitted or required by law.

  • The G2G Now application can be deleted from a phone at any time following the completion of your 14 days.

    This deletes all the G2G Now information from the phone. Data that is stored is encrypted, stored within Australia and destroyed after 28 days.

  • Once you download the G2G Now app, you will be required to take a photo of yourself in the app.

    This photo will be verified by an Authorised Officer when you arrive in the Northern Territory.

  • During the first 14 days after your arrival in the NT check in requests will be sent to your phone at different times of the day after.

    This may or may not be on a daily basis. You may receive more than one check in request per day.

  • You can open the app at any time to see what day of exclusion zone arrangements you are in.

    You will receive a push notification when it is complete.