NT COVID-19 hotline 1800 490 484
286 new daily cases 78 patients in hospital | 4 intensive care
NT COVID-19 hotline1800 490 484
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • All members of your family, including children aged 2 years and over are required to follow the testing regime which includes:

    As proof, a photo must be taken of each of the test results, the packaging displaying the batch number and a document identifying yourself, this must be retained and provided on request. You must submit an online declaration stating that you completed the first test within two days of arrival and additional tests no later than Day 8 after arriving in the NT.

  • You can travel anywhere within the Northern Territory except to areas located within excluded communities.

    You can stop and stay at free camping anywhere in the NT as long as it is not within the excluded communities for the purpose of travel.

  • The following information is acceptable as proof of vaccination for COVID-19:

    • Medicare COVID-19 Digital Certificate
    • Immunisation history statement
    • Proof of medical contraindication

    Questions about proof of COVID-19 vaccinations