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CHO Direction 131/2021 – Border arrivals

Only residents and essential workers (or their families) can travel to excluded zones (communities) if they arrive from interstate or overseas.

People cannot travel to excluded communities for 14 days after arrival into the NT – G2GNow in place to prevent those people from travelling to those locations.

All people travelling to excluded communities must test RAT negative in the 24 hours prior to departure. All workers must continue to be tested daily for the first 7 days while in community.

Covers freight workers arriving from interstate.

Read CHO Direction 131/2021 – border arrivals PDF (579.2 KB)

CHO Direction 142/2021 – Mask mandate

NT wide face mask mandate – a person over 12 years must wear a face mask while inside a premises, vehicle or vessel and where they cannot maintain 1.5m from other people (excludes in a residence, exercising eating / drinking, communicating etc).

Read CHO Direction 142/2021 – mask mandate PDF (171.3 KB)

CHO Directions 3&6/2022 – Exclusion zones

Anyone wishing to travel to an exclusion zone from a regional or urban area must complete a negative RAT within the 24 hrs prior to departure.  This is for all intra Territory travel regardless of the duration in the regional or urban setting.

Read 3 & 6/ 2022 PDF (123.2 KB)

There is an exception to allow certain travel residents of excluded communities and essential workers on the Gove Peninsula.

Read CHO Directions 7/2022 PDF (205.1 KB)

CHO Directions 8&9/2022 – Vaccine Pass

A business must take reasonable steps to ensure all people entering a licenced premises or a ticketed event with more than 100 people in attendance are vaccinated by providing proof of their vaccination status (or contraindication).

Read CHO Directions 8/2022 PDF (420.8 KB) and  CHO Directions 9/2022 PDF (99.8 KB)

CHO Directions 4 & 11/2022 – Infected persons and close contacts

Determines the rule around the definition of an infected person and a close contact.

Determines the isolation and testing requirements that must be adhered to from an infection management and clinician viewpoint.

Read CHO Directions 4/2022 PDF (242.7 KB) and CHO Direction 11/2022 PDF (390.6 KB)