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in the Territory

National advice hotline

For information on coronavirus (COVID-19) call the hotline - open 24 hours, 7 days.


Are schools closing?

At this stage, no government schools in the Northern Territory (NT) will be closing.

The NT Department of Education is providing regular updates to schools to distribute to families and staff.

The updates are aligned to the advice that is coming from the Australian Government Department of Health and consistent with the advice that is being provided by the Northern Territory health authorities.

What schools are doing

Schools have been asked to focus on:

  • practising and promoting good hygiene practices
  • considering moving classes outside, separating into smaller groups and/ or spreading into larger indoor spaces
  • avoiding handshaking, hugging and kissing, or games that include holding hands or other physical contact
  • reconsideration of school excursions, assemblies and other events.

The Education Department is focused on continuing the provision of education to students while following advice from the Australian Government and the NT Health authorities.

The department is undertaking significant work that aligns with the whole of government pandemic plan.

This includes all schools, including remote schools, developing a clear plan for them to enact in the event of a temporary school site closure.

A key part of this plan is to ensure schools can deliver education provision in an ongoing manner.

Get tips for families, including advice on talking to children about coronavirus (COVID-19).