19 confirmed cases

in the Territory

National advice hotline

For information on coronavirus (COVID-19) call the hotline - open 24 hours, 7 days.

Messages in language

Audio files with health messages for coronavirus (COVID-19) in Aboriginal languages are being rolled out across the Northern Territory to cover a majority of language groups. More recordings will be added as they become available.

The message covers the following:

  1. At the moment there are no people with that coronavirus also called COVID-19 in any Northern Territory communities.
  2. People who live in Northern Territory communities should still do normal things.
  3. But always be watching out for that coronavirus (COVID-19) /watch out for people who maybe are sick.
  4. It is ok to eat traditional / bush animals and plants.
  5. Mosquitoes will not give you that coronavirus (COVID-19).
  6. The wind will not give you that coronavirus (COVID-19).
  7. Stay clean!
    • Wash your hands.
    • Do not shake hands.
    • Stay away from people who are maybe sick / do not get close to them.
    • Do not cough or sneeze into your hand, because germs can go onto your hands and your hands can spread the germs. Cough or sneeze on your arm instead.
    • If you are maybe sick, stay away from crowded places. Maybe shop, school, town, airport places where lots of people can be.
    • If you get sick, go to your health clinic.

Recordings in language