19 confirmed cases

in the Territory

National advice hotline

For information on coronavirus (COVID-19) call the hotline - open 24 hours, 7 days.

Community advice

  • Remote communities

    Information about travel into remote communities, health advice in language, rules around fishing and general precautions and restrictions.

  • Events and gatherings

    Rules and restrictions about the types of activities allowed in the Territory including visits to restaurants, parks, fitness studios, gyms. Find current restrictions for social gatherings such as weddings and funerals.

  • Elderly and aged care

    How to keep elderly community members safe including advice for home care and residential aged care.

  • Border controls

    Border controls, restrictions, exemptions and quarantine requirements for people arriving in the Northern Territory including information for freight and FIFO.

  • Business

    Advice for businesses including information about support programs.

  • Sports and clubs

    Information for people attending and participating in organised sport events including boot camps, gyms and swimming.

  • Fishing

    Rules about the fishing activities permitted in the Territory where an Aboriginal Land permit is required.

  • Tips for families

    How to talk to children and young people about coronavirus (COVID-19) and links to other relevant websites.

  • Animal owners

    Information for animal owners including how to care for pets if you are quarantined.

  • Schools

    Information about schools including closures.