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NT COVID-19 hotline1800 490 484
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List of places required to use The Territory Check In

List of places, businesses, activities, services or premises required to use The Territory Check In QR Code system

  • An Agency of the Northern Territory Government.
  • A school, university or other educational institution.
  • A child care facility or indoor play centre.
  • A hospital.
  • The premises of a health profession as defined in section 5 of the
  • Health Practitioner Regulation National Law.
  • This includes but is not limited to: A medical clinic, pharmacy, dentist, optometrist or physiotherapy clinic.
  • A residential facility, as defined in section 2 of the Disability Services
  • Act 1993.
  • A prison, correctional centre, youth detention centre or other place of
  • custody or detention.
  • A hotel, motel, hostel or shelter.
  • A business that sells food or beverages to the public for consumption
  • on its premises or in an area adjacent to its premises.
  • Premises licensed under the Liquor Act 2019.
  • A business that provides tours to the public, whether by vehicle, boat or
  • other conveyance.
  • A cinema, theatre, concert hall, music hall, dance hall, nightclub or any
  • other similar entertainment venue.
  • An amusement venue used principally for playing:
    • (a) billiards, pool or other like games; or
    • (b) electronic or mechanical amusement devices, such as pinball machines, computer or video games or similar.
  • An amusement park.
  • The premises of a barber or hairdresser.
  • A place that provides beauty therapy, including tanning, waxing, nail care, eyebrow care or any other activity intended to maintain, alter or enhance a person's appearance.
  • A place that provides tattooing or body art, including any activity intended to permanently decorate, pierce, brand, scar or adorn a person's skin or permanently alter a person's appearance.
  • A place that provides yoga, Pilates, barre, massage or other wellness services.
  • A bathhouse, public swimming pool, wave pool or waterpark.
  • An indoor gymnasium.
  • An indoor community centre.
  • An art gallery or a museum.
  • A public library or a toy library.
  • A place used for religious worship.
  • A casino within the meaning of the Gaming Control Act 1993.
  • A business that holds a gaming machine licence within the meaning of the Gaming Machine Act 1995.
  • A venue that operates a totalisator or conducts totalisator wagering in accordance with a totalisator licence granted under the Totalisator Licensing and Regulation Act 2000.
  • A strip club.
  • Any place that:
    • (a) sells admission to the place for customers to participate in sexual activity with each other; or
    • (b) provides services that involve a person participating in sexual activity with another person in return for payment or reward. This includes a sex on premises venue or a brothel.
  • An airport.
  • An office building.
  • A shopping centre.
  • A construction site.
  • A court or tribunal.
  • The Legislative Assembly.
  • A business that sells retail goods or services to the public.
  • An indoor market or outdoor market. A large market would be subject to CHO Direction No. 57, which provides special measures for major public events that are expected to have more than 500 people in attendance.
  • An arena, stadium or sporting or recreation facility. An arena, stadium or sporting or recreation facility holding a major public event would be governed by my Directions applicable to major public events.
  • A place or business that provides sporting or physical training activities.