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Business guidelines and safety plans

All businesses are required to lodge a COVID-19 Safety Plan.

A COVID-19 Safety Plan checklist must be completed and submitted online. The checklist forms the businesses COVID-19 Safety Plan.

The CHO Directions also require businesses to comply with and review their COVID-19 Safety Plans at least every six months to make sure they continue to address any required safety responsibilities.

Businesses with a COVID-19 Safety Plan must also appoint a COVID Safety Supervisor to facilitate the implementation of their business' COVID-19 Safety Plan.

The COVID-19 Safety Plan must be available to show to an authorised officer upon request.

Businesses are also required to collect customer contact details to assist with contact tracing to keep Territorians safe.

The best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and protect your business is through maintaining good hygiene practices, following physical distancing principles and other safety measures.

  • To lodge a COVID-19 Safety Plan you will need to complete the checklist relevant to your business or organisation. The checklist will demonstrate how you will meet the required physical distancing and hygiene rules.

    If your business or organisation has multiple locations, you must apply for each premises.

    To get you started, read the guidelines before completing the checklist.

    After you apply

    Once you submit your checklist, you will immediately be emailed a summary of your submission which you can use/ display at your businesses as interim approval until you receive a formal statement of commitment. This may take up to 14 days.

    Compliance checks

    An environmental health officer will visit you to carry out compliance checks to ensure you are meeting your responsibilities as outlined in your COVID-19 safety plan.

  • The CHO Directions require that the ‘person in authority’ of most places, businesses, activities, services or premises must appoint a COVID Safety Supervisor to facilitate the implementation of their businesses COVID-19 Safety Plan and other relevant CHO Directions.

    Read more

  • Businesses must ensure they have the Territory Check in system in place. There is a paper based template available as an alternate method if needed.

    You can get your QR Code by registering online

  • In response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation, the approval of events and public gatherings is founded upon physical distancing and hygiene principles to protect the community from the spread of COVID-19.

    A major public event is an event or public gathering that is ticketed or open to the public at a private location or a public place. A major public event also requires the appointment of a
    COVID-19 Safety Supervisor.

    It is important that you keep informed about the Directions of the Chief Health Officer

    and any restrictions that relate to the types of activities that you may undertake.

    There are different requirements depending on the size of your event. A

    Read more about events and gatherings to find out your responsibilities when organising an event or public gathering.